Photographs by Mariah Robertson
SPBH Editions, London, 2013
Hardcover,Lithography, Leporello Binding,  HandMade
15 x 20cm
40 pages, 20 plates
Edition of 500, Signed & Numbered 

SPBH Book Club IV offers a chace to own Mariah Robertson's beautiful and highly collectable photographic rolls. The roll, which is 30 meters long, is entitled 154, and was originally created in 2010. The book is leporello bound allowing the owner of the book to enjoy the piece in its entirety, or look at it classically page by page.The final element of the book is its cover. Reproducing the roll by printing it onto 40-metres of exquisite silk fabric, individual pieces have been cut out to become the covers of the books, meaning that each person will receive a completely unique, different piece of the grand puzzle.  

Mariah Robertson is a photographer living and working in Brooklyn, New York. She has exhibited at a number of international institutions including MoMA in NYC, The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, and The Saatchi Gallery in London.

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