Follow Me, A brief history of mankind’s guiding symbols. Commissioned by the National Media Museum, London.

Finger/Manicule – Hamilton's Specimens of Wood Type Faces #17 - 1901

The Facebook "Like" button - 2009

Michelangelo di Lodovico - Creation of Adam - 1511

Paul Gustave Doré – The Dove Sent Forth from the Ark - 1866–1870

Paul Gustave Doré – Andromeda – 1869

Yuri Gagarin - The first human in space – December 4, 1961

MTV - Music Television - August 1, 1981 - MTV's first promo featuring public domain images of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Drawing of horses - The Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave is a cave in the Ardèche department of southern France that contains the earliest known cave paintings, as well as other evidence of Upper Paleolithic life. Discovered on December 18th, 1994, it is considered one of the most significant prehistoric art sites dating back 30,000 to 35,000 BC.

Francesco Hayez - Crusaders Thirsting near Jerusalem - between 1836 and 1850

Makkah - The Hajj is the pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is one of the largest pilgrimages in the world. The Hajj is based on a pilgrimage that was ancient even in the time of Muhammad in the 7th Century.

Atari Inc. - Pac-Man for the Atari 2600, Designed by Tod Frye - Released in March 1982

IKEA – IKEA arrow – 1943

Aly Us - Follow Me - 1992

YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU - 1914 - Lord Kitchener, is most famously remembered for being the face in the recruiting poster of the British people, in the First World War.

Alberto Diaz Gutierrez – Che Guevara at the funeral for the victims of the La Coubre explosion. Photo taken on March 5, 1960, published within Cuba in 1961, internationally in 1967, which later became the iconic symbol for Che.

Shepard Fairey - Obama Hope - 2008 - Based on the press photo by Associated Press Photographer Mannie Garcia. 

Eye of Horus - Egyptian symbol (all-seeing eye) of protection, royal power and good health

Twitter - July 15, 2006 - “Larry the Bird” Twitter’s logo was named after Larry Bird of the NBA’s Boston Celtics.

Follow Me
Commissioned by the National Media Museum London
National Media Museum, London, 2012

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